Dr Andre Cronje General Practitioner

Dr Andre Cronje has provided care to the local community for the past 15 years. His special interests include family medicine, skin cancer checks and melanoma detection, and chronic disease management.

Dr Ian Marcus General Practitioner

Dr Ian Marcus has been a doctor at Yanchep Medical Centre for nearly 10 years. Dr Marcus specialises in skin cancer checks and melanoma detection, with a background in anaesthetics. Dr Marcus offers a pain-free approach to skin lesion removal. Other special interests include family medicine and cosmetics medicine including wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers.

Dr Sangita Thomas General Practitioner

Dr Sangita Thomas has special interests including family medicine and women’s health.

Dr Jenna Cornell General Practitioner

Dr Jenna Cornell received her medical education in the United States and is a Board Certified Holistic and Family Doctor. Dr Cornell is also a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand Colleges of General Practitioners. She has enjoyed a rich life during her 25 years in medicine with a wide range of experiences working in private practice, emergency medicine and indigenous health.

She has worked with indigenous people from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the Islands of Alaska, New Zealand and now Australia. Dr Cornell was blessed to learn traditional healing from the indigenous healers of these tribes and has combined this wisdom with her western medical training. Her indigenous wisdom combined with her holistic training allows her to integrate a variety of healing traditions. Dr Cornell works with the person as a whole: body, mind, emotions and spirit and through this empowers people to find wholeness through health and wellbeing

Our Support Staff

Marianne Acupuncturist

Marianne Kornaat studied acupuncture at the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine, Perth. After finishing her studies she did an internship in Japan and learned Japanese style acupuncture.

Japanese style acupuncture is very gentle and the needles she uses are of the highest quality available and much smaller than Chinese style acupuncture. Marianne focuses on pain management and general well-being.

Juliete Practice Nurse

Jenny Practice Nurse

Sandra Practice Nurse

Colette Practice Nurse

Kristy Reynolds Practice Manager

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